Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hey hey,
Someone just pm me, can i fetch her back from SL to SP?
because her bro is not free.
I am like WOW !
the first thing in my mind is,
very the obvious u want celebrate my birthday lo!

I have to act like normal and act nothing happen.
her acting skill abit cha sui .
see also know

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Old but gold,
I miss you so much my blog

Is been a long time since i update my blog, almost 2 years already
For the past 2 years, what have i done? What did i do?
Did I wasted 2 years my life doing something that i dont want to do?

Seriously, is time to motivate myself.
I really need motivation to be success in the future.

Change job? i got 3 job for the past 1 year.
I not going to change another one.
i going to be here, beyond my believe.

That is my target.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blog again
this time wouldn't be so emo i guess
This time my emotional was quite stable and i quite impress of myself that i can settle it down
As i mentioned last week, yes! I completely lose in touch with her
Really, and i actually got find her best friend and talked,
The result of it was quite good, she is completely neutral, although i never mentioned fully everything. She explained to me, from the third party, Don't you think you are so dumb?
Don't you think u want to find out a reason from someone ignore/avoid you is dumb? Why you need to care so much when other people just don't care about you.
Somehow, i was quite impressed by that sentence.
It actually make me realize how dumb am I. So i decide to come out with a conclusion,
Why i need to care? come on icsk, i already decide to remain as friend and not going further more.
I can survive no matter what difficulties i face in the future.
Nothing can stop me.
OF course, i really need to said thanks to her best friend which also my friend about it.
You make me feel so much conform about what i should do.
I found an article online, It actually describe what i feel.
"Once you feel avoided by SOMEONE, Never disturb them again"
True story.
Nothing is more realistic than that
but still, i curious what happen to you :)
I am still a guy, that want to care about you all the time
:3 !
As long as u called me for help, i confirm will be the first one to help u .:)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

bad feeling

The feeling inside me is so irritating,
I actually don't know what i want to do, and i what i should do
Just suddenly only this kind of thing appears in my life.
So , how should i start it first?
Maybe i don't describe the people here, but i guess my close friend already know who is she.
Yes, I really don't want to admit, but i have to.
I really got feeling towards her. I mean like serious. 
Best friend of mine, i just don't know why i suddenly got feeling towards her.
She is completely different girl that i used to love.
I said this sentence to her before, "You will not be the kind of girl we love, we are impossible"
But now, she is completely different, everything she said before is all in my mind.
I completely mind fucked ! WTH
I only can think of her in my mind, there is no other people in my mind. 
I make myself a dumb, before i confirm this kind of feeling, i actually go test myself,
What i test? i test myself by find back the girl i used to love, or the one that make me had a crush.
I want tell myself, there are the type of girl that i will love or like,
But the conclusion is disappointing. I completely 0% had feeling toward them. I can just ignore them as how they ignore me in the beginning. 
She used to remind me a sentence, which make me remember till now.
"Don't follow who is your ex, don't choose someone that similar like your ex because that is just a reason of finding a replacement, you should look forward for the feeling in your heart"
This sentence, it will be more meaningful if said it face to face, but i remember it till now
I hate this feeling, i hate it so much ! 
I hate the feeling of falling in love again, i hate the feeling to love someone which i shouldn't love.
I only can choose to ignore it, but in the same time, i want to find for her.
But the thing that make me curious is, i feel that she know i fall in love with her?
Or is that an excuse she trying to make to avoid me ?
Who knows? I really want to find out. But from what i'm observe, i found out 2 things.
1) She is avoiding me
2) She got something but i don't know why she don't want to tell me
This is totally different from last time when i knew her. 
From the beginning, i never expected i can get so close with her, but time shown the different.
We used to talk whole day, whole night or anything in our mind without anything.
Maybe i can conclude it in a good way, she is busy with her work, and she got a new bunch of friend.
This is only can be my conclusion, but to be honest, i stalked her everyday, everything that i can connected with her, or know what she is doing now.
I saw her face to face, since last week, i can feel that we got no topic to chat at all
Or she is ignoring me? I sense something, but i don't know what is that
IF you know that i got this kind of feeling toward you, why don't you directly tell me face to face?
TO be honest, i never expect to be together with you or think a small chance that we can be together
Because i know, i and you completely 2 different background and what is your minimum requirement. I know everything, unless u said i'm wrong. BUT i don't think i'm wrong.
I try to remain quiet now, i hope that we can back to normal we used to be.
As a close friend, best friend, or best buddies in my life.
Another thing i should highlight, i miss your laugh and smiling on your face.
Keep the distance is the thing i will do now. 
I will wonder when is the time that you will actually find me, and talk,

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Actually, i got no idea what i am thinking now. Everything i think about, make me so confused.
I need to understand what i want?
Chong Sai Khong, how to differentiate love? care? touched?
Actually i don't know. I really don't know how to differentiate it.
Last time, when i face this kind of problem, someone will actually listen to this and tell me did i do wrong or not. Or the other way.
Now? Am i thinking a negative thing?
Or a positive?

Actually? who i actually love? i know i don't have the potential or choice to choose.
I know i am not whatever superb lengzai and rich people
But i know there is something inside me.
I just don't know how to describe it out only.
Maybe i should just consider, all is my friend.
normal hang out with them
that is my life
i think is better in this way, however, i feel i getting closer to her. but i feel i getting a big gap in the same time
i really dont know what i thinking now

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blog again? haha
I failed to blog for the past 1 month because i got nothing to write or describe what i feel.
Lets begin with voice out what i feel. Oh well,
I had a great mix feeling inside me. The feeling that i couldn't said it out.
It doesn't really feel good. I just dont know what how to describe it.

I wish i can said it out, need release. Am i too weak to really go after it?
Or just a random feeling?
I feel it. I know is very random that i got this kind of feeling.
I rather don't think about this and continue with my life. But i tell myself, no
something had change inside me. Something had gone from bad to worst.
Oh well, I should identify what i think before i advance and really know is that true or false.

So, today i wrote a status at facebook, do we really have a choice or not?
I wrote it because i saw a insta from my friends.
Is true, and i agree what she said. What is out limit? Do we really make the correct choice?
OR a  wrong choice?
But i love the way she answer as well.
I would rather make a mistake and continue grow become stronger in life, rather than stuck inside a place forever.
This is a challenge of our life.
We don't born to follow the cycle. We are born to be different.
Born to be the best in life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 4 and 5

I had a worst to the max and also good to the max day :)
Hey come on, who doesn't pissed when they took the Investment Analysis
I just cannot imagine how tough is this paper
I screw up the whole paper, i really can said i pay alot attention study for this paper
end up? what is the out come?
i only imagine the F in my paper soon !

SO? after that
i had fun celebrating Mooncake festival at Bao Sian house with Erika And Chloe
hahaha ! all really can talk alot of bullshit and crap
man, this is awesome ! had a great celebration + chat
really make the bad day become good
hahahah ! Not to forget, i ate BBQ PLAZA with MC , Kent and WS
Free refill? YES !

Another celebration today, had a great dinner at "The Joy Of Sharing" at Kota Damansara, and end up hang out and watch movie about the maze runner.
Tired day, today dont have much emotional to share
i just feel is good that i'm live in this world :)